A Message from the
President & CEO

Hisashi Shibata President

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support.

In October 2022, the Group transitioned to a holding company structure with the aim of building a resilient management structure that will enable the Group to continue its sustainable growth while further contributing to the happiness of all stakeholders, including regions, customers, shareholders, employees, and future generations.

Under the new structure, we are working on businesses that help solve regional issues and improve sustainability based on the three pillars of “expanding new business areas that contribute to regional growth,” , ”strengthening group management through independence and collaboration,” and ”building a flexible and robust governance structure.”

The group has also launched the First Medium-term Management Plan, covering the five-year period from FY2023 to FY2027, the first time since the transition to the holding company structure.

The plan sets target state for FY2030 as “a state in which all stakeholders are sustainable and their well-being is improved,” and describes how we aim to achieve both continuous improvement in the wellbeing of our stakeholders by resolving the issues and needs of region and customers and enhancement of the Group’s corporate value.

The environment surrounding us has entered a new stage where the sustainability of the community itself is being questioned after the new coronavirus pandemic. In addition to structural changes such as a super-aging society and declining population, the issues that need to be addressed for further growth in the region are becoming more complex and diverse, and the difficulty in resolving them is increasing. It is precisely in these times that we will strive to create new value together with the region and customers, while maximizing the strengths of the Group and opening up a bright future.

We are committed to creating a bank and a group that can share the joy and excitement of helping each and every one of you realize your dreams

Hisashi Shibata